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The Gentle Soul Sanctuary

cute rescue kitten drinking milk from a bottle
cute rescue piglet with front legs on bench
rescue mother brown cow and her calf in field

Kindness and compassion towards all animals, our planet and each other.


We are looking to buy 20 acres of land to set up the sanctuary which will be home to over 200 animals. Whether it’s a neglected pet, an abused farmed animal or a retired working animal, we will take them in and give them the home they deserve - one of love and respect.


Our mission is to help animals in need and provide education and awareness for all species to encourage us to live in a more compassionate and kinder world.


With profits from the book Mad Dogs & Me, we hope to buy this land next year and start creating a forever home for these animals in need.


Running a sanctuary is incredibly expensive so once set up, we will be offering open days, family days, birthday parties, animal experiences and a whole host of fun events to help continue to raise funds including VIP membership and sponsorship packages.


We can only do this with your help so please spread the word far and wide and a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of the book already.


I will of course continue writing and raising as much money as I can to help as many animals as possible.


Love and gratitude

xx Saz xx


“It’s not enough to love animals; we must actively protect and preserve them…”

Daphne Sheldrick

adorable rescue black and brown puppy with front paws up
rescue white rabbit and white goat with noses touching
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