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Otis & Kiara

 🐾  About us 🐾

I am 45 kilos of muscle, love and loyalty and adore my mummy more than anything else in the world - even treats, and trust me, I like those a lot! I love going for walks in the woods and am allowed off my lead now as I used to chase squirrels but mummy has taught me not to do that in case I run into the road.The squirrels are a lot happier too apparently.


I love games especially hide-and-seek and jumping on the trampoline with Ella, my human sister. I especially love emptying her bin daily and that way mummy doesn’t have another job to do. My claim to fame is that I can eat a 4-hour giant chew in under 5 minutes! My favourite thing in the world is cuddling up with mummy in the evenings when she drinks her red juice and eats my favourite snack. She even shares them with me when I stare at her long enough and start drooling. I always try to be a good boy as I love making mummy happy but sometimes it’s hard not be led astray by my sister, Kiara.


beautiful close up photo of Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy called Otis who lives with author Saz Wilson
stunning photo of Rhodesian Ridgeback male dog called Otis who lives with author Saz Wilson
photo of cute Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy called Kiara in garden who lives with author Saz Wilson
close up photo of beautiful female Rhodesian Ridgeback dog called Kiara who lives with author Saz Wilson

I am smaller than my brother but can beat him in a race any day of the week. I love walks but have to be kept on a lead as I like to chase anything that moves (I’m only allowed to do this in the garden now). I like the game, “Find It”, when mummy hides treats around the house that we have to sniff out. Otis is annoyingly good at this game and usually finds the treats before me but mummy gives me little clues when he’s not looking. 


It’s fun living with my brother but it’s also lovely having a human sister. She cuddles me all the time and says my fur is super fluffy. I love snuggling into mummy in the evenings on the sofa but I have to be quick to get the best spot before Otis but it doesn’t really matter as I just push him off. I try to be a good girl but being naughty is just so much fun!


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