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About Me

By Otis and Kiara 

Saz Wilson biography headshot photo

Our mum is the best. She cares about the world and all the animals in it, even when they’re naughty like we are sometimes (ok, a lot of the time).

She used to live in LA and worked in film and TV but chucked that all in so she could bring up our human sister and be a devoted mama.

This worked out very well for us because now she works from home as a writer and we can spend all day with her, chewing her pencils, helping her finish her lunch and going in and out of her garden office - sometimes 20 times a day!


In the evening mummy likes watching TV with wine and crisps and always shares them with us (the crisps not the wine). We snuggle up next to her and snore as quietly as we can.


Even when our mum is really busy juggling work, being a mum and home stuff, she always makes time to take us for a walk. Running in the woods is our favourite part of the day and I think we’re right in saying, it’s one of hers too.


Our mum’s dream is to open an animal sanctuary so she can take care of as many animals as possible. She says that’s why she’s writing this book.

She wants to thank everyone who buys a copy of our book because they will each be a part of the opening of The Gentle Soul Sanctuary.


We hope this diary paints us in a good light… apparently, we weren’t the best-behaved puppies!

Saz Wilson as a child with Samoid dog
Author Saz Wilson with Otis and Kiara as puppies on her lap
Author Saz Wilson cuddling her dog Otis on sofa
Author Saz Wilson kissing her dog Otis
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