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Image by Joshua Bartell
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Marley & Me meets This is Going to Hurt in this hilarious and moving real-life diary about a woman who’s bitten off more than she can chew!

Meet Otis and Kiara, two giant Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies who turn Saz’s life upside down. Kiara is wild and wayward and does not belong in the civilized world of people and their pets. Otis, her loyal brother, thinks it’s his job to back her up at every opportunity.

Thrown out of training classes, banned from local parks, shunned by their neighbours and now Royal Mail is threatening to sue them… their capacity for trouble knows no bounds.

With the experts insisting that she must give one of the dogs up, will Saz be able to get these two mad dogs under control before losing any more friends and family and before almost certainly losing her mind?

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cute photo of puppy
photo of saz wilson cuddling dog
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Kiara and Otis asleep
Dog kissing girl
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